We generate content and strategies for publishing news about the destination in local, national, and international mass media, as well as for strengthening public relations with strategic actors of the tourism industry. We are in charge of Medellin promotion through digital channels as the official travel guide of the city: Medellin.travel

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                 Marketing Office Collaborators

Jessika Montoya Jaramillo

Head of Marketing

Ext.: 140
Email: jmontoya@bureaumedellin.com

Ana María Casa Casas

Marketing Executive

Ext.: 138
Email: acasas@bureaumedellin.com

Héctor Gaona Morales

Marketing Executive

Ext.: 137
Email: hgaona@bureaumedellin.com

Libanier Vargas Duque

Marketing Analyst

Ext.: 141
Email: lvargas@bureaumedellin.com

Luisa Fernanda Villegas Bustamante

Marketing Analyst

Carlos Alberto Henao

Marketing Analyst

Ext.: 142
Email: chenao@bureaumedellin.com

Henry Wilson Agudelo Correa

PITS Coordinator

Ext.: 141
Email: hagudelo@bureaumedellin.com

Andrea Marín Zapata

Tourist informer

                 Press and Public Relations Office Collaborators

Natalia Eugenia Angel Henriquez

Head of Press and Public Relations

Ext.: 139
Email: nangel@bureaumedellin.com

Claudia Patricia Valencia Ospina

Press and PR Executive

Carolina Londoño Montoya

Press and PR Executive

Ext.: 118
Email: clondono@bureaumedellin.com