We promote our destination with its distinguishing tourist attractions in culture and nature, and Medellin´s fairs such as the International Tango Festival and the Festival of Flowers. We also cntribute to the Medellin´s economy dynamism through a comprehensive strategy to attract national and international events


Maria Clemencia Botero Fernandez

Destination Promoting Director

Ext.: 113
Email: cbotero@bureaumedellin.com

María Paulina Parra Mejía

Promotion Leader

Ext.: 116
Email: pparra@bureaumedellin.com

Moisés Vitola Fadul

Promotion Leader

Ext.: 115
Email: mvitola@bureaumedellin.com

Vanessa Arteaga Jaramillo

Promotion Executive

Ext.: 126
Email: varteaga@bureaumedellin.com

Ana María Cano Pérez

Promotion Executive

Ext.: 119
Email: acano@bureaumedellin.com

Andrea Pérez Salazar

Promotion Executive

Ext.: 133
Email: aperez@bureaumedellin.com

Manuela Ortiz Cardona

Promotion Executive

Ext.: 125
Email: mortiz@bureaumedellin.com

Yurani Ospina Rodriguez

Promotion Analyst

Ext.: 117
Email: yospina@bureaumedellin.com

Melisa Ochoa Ruiz

Promotion Analyst

Ext.: 146
Email: mochoa@bureaumedellin.com

Andrés Felipe Restrepo Patiño

Promotion Assistant

Ext.: 148
Email: arestrepo@bureaumedellin.com

Ana María Rendón

Promotion Assistant

Ext.: 148
Email: arendon@bureaumedellin.com